Wearable Computers

Wearable computer accessories such as the Google Glass are an interesting idea that at first glance looks like a game changing idea for technology. However, I do not think it is going to change peoples day to day lives very much. Most of the applications and software that can be run on wearable technology can also be run on portable technology such as smart phones. On top of that, the Google Glass and other wearable computers are dependent upon smart phones to be close by in order to connect to the internet. The only noteable difference is that wearable technology can offer some activities, such as video recording, to be hands free. I think that this kind of technology could be extremely useful to people who have jobs that require fast computing along with fast physical reaction time (ie. a pilot. police officer, soldier), but for most people it will be at most a small convenience. 


These small conveniences would not come without a cost either. If the Google Glass becomes a popular thing, it will be hard to tell what people are doing on it at any given time. This means you could be recorded without your knowledge or consent (although this already happens quite often on a day to day bases). You could be having a conversation with someone who is watching a video or reading e-mail without even knowing. For this with the Google Glass, the level of surveillance by Google and/or the government is out of your control. All of these factors make the Google Glass a  bad idea for most people who don’t absolutely NEED the fast, hands free computing.


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