Social media and my personal information

There are many pieces of information that I consider to be private. Some of these things include my financial status and anything related, certain issues I have in my life, and many other things. I share some of this information only with my close friends and family. The only exception to this is when it is absolutely necessary, for example, I had to fill out an entire application to receive financial aid for college. If any of my personal information was misused, all trust would be lost for whoever or whatever was responsible, and in some cases I may seek authorities to go further. 


With that being stated, there are still a lot of pieces of information that are public that I would not want to fall into the wrong hands. One example is my telephone number. I give my number to many people I meet in many different settings. However, it is expected that when I give somebody my number, they will not distribute it. A lot of information is commonly shared in social settings, and it is appropriate to keep it that way. This is why I believe that information posted on a social media site should be protected, and only visible to those that I allow to see it (ie. my friends on facebook). When the government or corporations take advantage of this information, I lose my trust for the social media site. This is a big reason why I chose not to use many social media sites, including facebook, instagram, and twitter. When my personal information is protected to the extent that most people expect of them, I would be more inclined to use them, but until that day comes I feel much safer without them.


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