Defend your major (Computer Science)

As of right now I am currently undecided in my major, but I think I want to go into computer science. As computers and the internet become more prevalent in almost all aspects of society, having people who know how they work is becoming more and more important. Based off of this knowledge and some of my research before college, I know that the job market for computer science majors is in good condition, and will probably only get better as computers become more important in almost every field. Computer science is also a STEM job, which means that statistically I will earn more than people who have non-STEM jobs.


Not only are computers involved in my major, but my major revolves around them. As a computer scientist, my potential jobs can range from creating operating systems for computers to writing programs that are run on them. Computers are being used in more and more household devices every year, which means that my potential jobs are increasing as time goes on.


I predict that computers are going to continue to be used in a variety of fields, which means that computer science will continue to have work and new problems to solve.




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