U.S. involvement in Syria

The United States has always tried to be an advocate for a few things that our own government was based off. One of these things is free speech. Over the course of the last few months in Syria, the government has not only been denying their people of free speech, but killing those who protest. Police brutality, snipers, and possibly chemical weapons have all been used against the protesters, leaving many people dead, including women and children. BBC news stated: “Mr Assad again denied claims that his troops had used chemical weapons, blaming the rebels instead.” (BBC , 2013) The reason that the United States was so against the idea of intervening is ultimately fear. Not necessarily that the United States army would have any trouble with the Syrian army, but that more people may die if Bashar Assad makes a drastic move. The idea that he may have possibly used chemical weapons on protesters leaves the United States government to believe that he may use similar tactics in defense of intervention.


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– Zachary Jonas

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