Computer Science citations

Topic: Java programming


Online Article;

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Academic Journal;

Ahrendt, W., Baar, T., Beckert, B., Bubel, R., Giese, M., Hähnle, R., Menzel, W., Mostowski, W., Roth, A., Schlager, S., and Schmitt, P. H. 2003. The KeY tool. Technical report in computing science no. 2003–5, Department of Computing Science, Chalmers University and Göteborg University, Göteborg, Sweden. February.


My opinion on net nuetrality

The idea of net neutrality  refers to the concept of absolute control being provided to internet users. This would be achieved through internet service providers allowing access to all content to users who rightfully pay for there services. My personal opinion upon the subject is positive, because I feel that access to information is essential for every person living in the world. When internet service providers or the government step in to these issues, I believe it is a direct violation of an Americans first amendment rights to freedom of press. Censorship is an abomination to all people, and I feel it should be abolished all together in every aspect of today’s society, including but not limited to the internet.

The pros and cons of open source

I think the pros of having an open source operating system much outweigh the cons. Actually, I personally believe that there are no cons to having an open source operating system. The pros are that people can access, learn from, and alter the current operating system that they paid their own money to acquire. However, I feel that while having open source software and programs is useful for people learning to code and people with specific needs, having the ability to copy a program is not fair to it’s developer.