My opinion on the Edward Snowden revelations

More and more as we move into a digital world, more of our vulnerable information is being stored in various ways on the internet and computer systems. From our social security numbers to our Facebook statuses, things that are being posted on to the internet shouldn’t be viewed by eyes they weren’t intended for. In a statement made by Barrack Obama “We¬†can’t have 100% security, and also then have 100% privacy and zero inconvenience.” Our security is being threatened by the invasive actions our government has been taking on personal information. It is an outrage that the government feels that they can invade these RIGHTS on the premise that it is for our own good. As if they can decide what is and isn’t for our own good. That being said, Edward Snowden is undoubtedly a hero. Now that some light has been shed on the crimes that the United States Government and NSA have committed, it is time for Edward Snowden to be relieved of all charges and welcomed back to the United States with the respect that he deserves; As an honest man and a hero.